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Search for records of corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships authorized to transact business in the State of Michigan. To check Name Availability, use the Search Database by Name option.

The new dynamic website is updated within minutes so Mich-Elf filings can be viewed after document is filed within 1 hour.

Paper submitted documents that have been filed can be viewed within 48 hours after they are filed.
NOTE: Cannot view information for pending records, name reservations or name registrations.

Search by one of the following choices:
Search Database by Name
Search Database by Key Word
Search Database by Identification Number
Entity Name or ID Number :
  • Use the Search Database by Name method if you know the name, or the beginning words of the name you are looking for. The complete name does not need to be entered. Enter the name by omitting required words and punctuation.
  • Use the Search Database by Key Word method if you are uncertain of the exact name of the entity, but think you know one or more of the words contained anywhere in the name. (This method will provide you with the most returns, but may take a longer amount of time to display those returns.)
  • Use the Search Database by File Number method if you know the six digit ID number assigned by the Corporations Division. (This method will provide the fastest, most direct return of data.)
  • This search was designed to return no more than 500 records. If you do not find the entity you are looking for initially, try redefining your search criteria.

This information may also be obtained by calling the Corporations Division at 517-241-6470, faxing your request to 517-241-0538 or mailing your request to the Michigan Corporations Division, PO Box 30054, Lansing, MI 48909. Home   |  Business Entity Search Home  |   Contact Corporations  |   Corps Home  |   LARA Home
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