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This system provides access to digital images, with print capability, of the Land Corner Recordation Certificates (LCRCs) filed with the State of Michigan by Michigan counties under the State Survey and Remonumentation Grant Program. Information pertaining to the development of the LCRCs is available. Coordinate values of the land corners in the program, based on the Michigan Coordinate Systems of 1983 (MCS 83) as established by 1964 PA 9 as amended by 1988 PA 154, are included where they have been filed by the participating counties.

All Land Corner Recordation Certificates (LCRCs) are filed with the Register of Deeds in the county where the land corner is located as required by 1970 PA 74. All LCRCs filed with the State of Michigan under the State Survey and Remonumentation Program are authorized by 1990 PA 345. The first LCRCs filed with the State of Michigan occurred in 1993. LCRCs prepared prior to 1993 are available at the Register of Deeds’ Office in the county where the land corners are located.

MCS 83 coordinate values are available here where they have been filed with the state by the county. All coordinates on this system are in international feet as the unit of measure and where actually reported by a county in meters the values have been converted to international feet (1 foot = 0.3048 meter). The accuracy associated with the coordinate values have been provided by the subject county. The State of Michigan makes no claim of accuracy and specifically makes no certification as to the accuracy of the MCS 83 coordinates on this system. The adjustment year may not be present in this data. It is the responsibility of the user to resolve the adjustment year prior to making any use of the MCS 83 coordinate values provided on this system.

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